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Shenzhen Expat
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Below are the 5 most recent journal entries recorded in A foreigner in Shenzhen's LiveJournal:

Thursday, July 6th, 2006
12:55 pm
health insurance

Hello! I'll soon be moving to Shenzhen where I plan to stay for at least a year.

For those of you who have lived/plan to live in China for a long time, what have you done about health insurance? Money is a problem for me, and can't afford to live on travel insurance for 12 months or more. I want an international insurance policy that just covers health, inc. hospital treatment at foreign hospital in China and repatriation in case of an emergency.

Any ideas?
Thursday, August 18th, 2005
8:27 pm
Anyone know a place to go for Yoga in Shenzhen that is not "chinese yoga"? I would love to have a proper teacher again.
Friday, July 29th, 2005
7:42 pm
We've recently started a shenzhen community..

Everyone welcome :)
Friday, July 1st, 2005
3:12 pm
General Teaching English Abroad Community
Hi, everyone! I was wondering if anyone here would like to join a community for teaching English in a foreign country in general.

The new community is teachabroad.

Feel free to delete this post if it's not desired.
Wednesday, March 30th, 2005
9:47 pm
Greetings to all the foreigners and our Chinese friends in Shenzhen
Hi everyone!

This is the first post so I will keep it short and sweet.

Anyone can join this free on-line community of ex-pats and locals living and working in Shenzhen.

You may post anything you like, such as:
-Jobs wanted or offered!
-Offer or ask for tips on how to live successfully in Shenzhen!
-Look for friends, fellow teachers or chinese friends to help with ESL lesson plans!
-Putonghua questions or help!
-General interest or stories about or for ex-pats!
-Meet new friends!
-Network to help others find a cool job like the one you got!
-Upcoming fun or events we all should know about or cool places to see!
-Seat sales or other good travel deals!
-Or simply say hi and see whats new.

You may not post Hate, Racist or Abusive messages of any kind. Users doing so will be banned and if necessary we will begin screening users to prevent this sort of thing. Lets keep this a forum for helping one and other and having fun. At the moment this community is public and lets try to keep it that way. Thanks all.

Other than that, have a great time and I look forward to hearing from all of you. I will attempt to answer any questions posed, but by all means feel free to help me out and offer a helping hand and meet new friends.

Talk to you all soon!

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